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Some of these pages offer the option of free download of the books, so you can read anywhere and anytime you want, without the need to connect to the Internet. (Free Press Photo: Services)

Therefore, it is an excellent idea to dedicate some time to this activity. In fact, you don’t even have to buy the books, as there are websites that offer free titles. Here are five of them.

In this portal you will find many options of different genres available. It also has specific sections that will give you the opportunity to browse the most downloaded books, the most read writers, the most downloaded classics and those recommended by current writers.

In addition, all of them have a brief description so that you can know in advance if the document is in line with your topics of interest. Downloading and sharing books are some of the options that this page also offers.

This platform is literally a library of more than 56,000 free e-books. There are of different genres, themes and authors. In addition, it is not necessary to create a user, download an application or accept specific conditions to use it and its operation is quite intuitive.

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Of love and other demons

1. ‘Forever’, by Judith McNaughtSet in Regency England, this is a very romantic story with historical overtones. Forever tells the story of Victoria Seaton, an orphaned and lonely young American girl who crosses the ocean anxious to recover her long lost heritage. Upon reaching her destination, she will meet love and betrayal at the hands of the mysterious gentleman Jason Fielding. They will be carried away by passion, but there will also be trouble, and that is precisely what makes writer Judith McNaught’s stories so interesting. Books with a lot of “tug-of-war” between the protagonists, who in turn are characters with a lot to tell; and not only them, because all the characters around them play a fundamental role. With this story, McNaught begins the Forever trilogy (Forever, A Wonderful Love and Dance of Passion).

Recommended for: Those in love with stories set in the Scottish Highlands, but also with a taste for the world of historical fantasy. A love story with a difference, full of intrigue and chance encounters.

The fault in our stars

The most important thing about the NEW ADULT genre is that the emotions feel as real as possible and that the characters move towards emotional growth throughout the story, making us feel great emotions during the whole development of the story.

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Lucas Allen and Natalie Clark have been cyber-dating. Then she shows up on the doorstep of his ranch in a winter storm with a pink gun in one hand, a dead coyote at her feet, three whimpering puppies behind her and a baby in her arms.He could handle all of this. Except the baby.Natalie has baggage, but so does Lucas.Will they be willing to help each other unpack before Christmas?

Three… I know he’s no good for me.Two…. My instincts are screaming at me to run away.One…. But if he keeps looking at me like that…What will I do when I get to zero? Indomitable, controlling, authoritarian, relentless, sweet, provocative…He’s dangerous.He’s enigmatic.He’s absolutely addictive.He’s my man.

Romance novels pdf

This novel is set in France, during the Second World War. Vianne lives with her family and her husband has to leave to fight on the front. When the Nazis invade France, Vienne will be forced to risk everything, including living with the enemy, to protect her daughter.

The protagonists of this story, Rhys and Ginger, have a fleeting encounter in Paris. However, their paths immediately diverge. She lives in London and he does not stop seeing the world. Since then they keep sending emails to each other, through which a story of love and friendship grows between them.

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This is the first book of the romantic trilogy of the same name and is set in Leningrad in 1941. When Hitler’s army is about to invade the city, young Tatiana falls in love with Alexander, a lieutenant in the Red Army. However, the couple has to face the tensions of a war environment and Desha, Tatiana’s sister, who is interested in young Alexander.