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Some people say that. The first time I listened to them, and it also happened to me with Stereolab, I thought how much rope they throw to the same chords! But then I clicked and now I’m a big fan of both groups. It also has to do with the decadence of rock and my own personal decadence.

Ha ha ha ha. I try not to read them, really. Because I don’t trust myself. I feel more confident writing than answering interviews. I’m very bad at improvising. By the fifth interview things tend to come out more fluently.

It’s a whole world. In our family, where we are not believers, we used to reflect on how easy it is in the church, how comfortable it is, because it is totally scripted, if you want to do something civil it can backfire, sometimes they put a powerpoint with images of kittens that, well?

That’s it. As there are no more ecclesiastical saints… One of the quarries is the struggle for the Basque language and literature, the great foundational figures. The modernization and unification of the Basque language and the birth of contemporary literature. And if we get more radical, ETA itself. These figures are disappearing and tributes are being paid to them. That time will not come for us because there are many more of us and we will not monopolize tributes to the same extent.

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Elvis Aaron Presley[note 1] (Tupelo, Mississippi; January 8, 1935-Memphis, Tennessee; August 16, 1977) was one of the most popular American singers and cultural icons of the 20th century, known widely under his given name, Elvis. He is frequently referred to as “The King of Rock and Roll.”

Cassandra Peterson met Presley at this time in Las Vegas, where she was working as a cabaret performer. Of her encounter with the singer, she recalled, “He was so reluctant to use drugs when I met him. I mentioned to him that I smoked marijuana, and he was just horrified. He told me, ‘Don’t ever do it again.'”[190] Certainly, at the time Presley not only disagreed with drug use, but he rarely drank. In fact, several of his family members had been alcoholics, and he tried to avoid that tendency.[191] Presley’s funeral took place at the time.

Presley’s funeral took place at Graceland on Thursday, August 18, 1977. In the midst of the funeral outside the residence, a car plowed into a group of fans, killing two women and seriously injuring a third person.[253] An estimated 80,000 people participated in the procession to Forest Hill Cemetery, where Presley was buried next to his mother. [254] A few days later, “Way Down” reached the top of the UK pop and country charts.[255] After a failed attempt to steal the singer’s body in late August, the remains of Elvis Presley and his mother were moved to Graceland’s Meditation Garden on October 2, where they have been buried ever since.[251] The remains of Elvis Presley and his mother were buried in the Graceland Meditation Garden on October 2.[251

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Of all the brothers, Charly was very close to Enrique, who in 1986 died in a car accident, and with whom he had very little age difference. “They were like Tom & Jerry and, at the same time, very close,” Daniel recalls. “When we were kids we did a lot of testing in the swimming pool of that farm we had. I think if we hadn’t played in the water so much, that time he jumped off the ninth floor of a hotel in Mendoza, he wouldn’t have hit the pool.”

He traded straight pants for oxfords, sweaters for vests made from curtain fabric, shirts for tight T-shirts, and grew his hair long. He asked his parents for money and at the local record store he bought a double Beatles record with four songs (“Twist and Shout”, “A Taste of Honey”, “Do You Want to Know a Secret” and “There’s a Place”) and another one by Rita Pavone. He found a Lavalle movie theater showing A Hard Day’s Night and saw the film 27 times.

“At the Dámaso Centeno high school they made us wear our hair very short, they checked you at the entrance and that rigidity affected Charly a lot,” recalls Pipi Correa, Sui Generis’ first bass player. “He was a very sensitive kid, too much for those times. I think that somehow the turn he took later in his life was to try to put up a barrier with the world.”

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