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Six pairs will participate in each modality of the Bizkaia Women’s Tournament and ETB will broadcast the finals of each modality. The women’s handball tournament will start on October 27 and the final will be played on November 17. The paddle tournament will begin on December 8 and will end on December 29. Each of them will be disputed by 6 pairs distributed in two groups by the league system, with the winner of each group going to the final.

The Tournament will be played in five municipalities of Bizkaia: Arrigorriaga, Etxebarri, Barakaldo, Zeanuri, and Bilbao. The qualifying rounds of the Tournament will take place in July and the final will be played on August 21 at the Bizkaia Fronton.

On July 20 and 22 the two quarterfinals will be played. The first one, which will face the Oiz-Ganekogorta teams, will take place in Arrigorriaga at 22:00 hours. The second will be held in Barakaldo, and will see the Gorbeia-Kolitza teams face each other.

Tickets for the final are on sale at the pelota companies Asegarce (688868868) and Aspe (661259009). Tickets for the playoffs can be purchased at the box offices of the frontons where they are played. For more information, consult the fronton’s web page ( and the web pages of the two pelota companies.

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Moments of Historias a Bocados Extracts of the best moments of the program ”Historias a Bocados”, with which we will visit different localities and we will be able to know personal stories related to gastronomy.

Memoria Eraikiz: Basque Rock ¡Radikal?! The lyrics of some of the songs of the reference groups of the time are analyzed from today’s point of view to reflect on their messages.

Tribuaren Berbak A weekly program directed and presented by Kike Amonarriz that aims to discover the most unknown and curious aspects of the Basque language. In addition to entertaining, the program tries to solve citizens’ doubts about their language.

Atrápame si puedes Patxi Alonso presents this general culture quiz show. In each edition of the program, one of the contestants wins a good amount of money depending on his or her knowledge and also on his or her game strategy.

Teleberri 2 Second edition of the news program of Euskal Telebista 2, presented by Amaia Urkia and Xabier Garcia Ramsden, which offers the most important news of the day in the Basque, national and international field.

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ETB, undoubtedly one of the most successful programs throughout all its editions in ETB Sat has been “El Conquistador del Fin del Mundo” presented by the charismatic Julian Iantzi and now returns in a new version called “El Conquistador del Aconcagua”, this time presented by Juanito Oiarzabal. For its part, “Escépticos” is an original science outreach program with a high quality, presented by science journalist Luis Alfonso Gámez. ETB streaming.

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On ETB2, after Teleberri, there will be a special “Vaya Nochevieja” with the humor of “Vaya Semanita XTream”. Actors Iker Galartza, Andoni Agirregomezkorta, Maribel Salas, Miriam Cabeza and Lorea Intxausti star in different sketches with current issues, and with the same intention as always: to laugh at the everyday and reflect with humor everything that happens around us.

In addition, before the chimes, the musical special ‘A song for New Year’s Eve’ will be broadcasted, a musical program presented by Julian Iantzi in which the main protagonists are the groups involved in the fight against the pandemic.

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