Megadede plusdede y pordede

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It happened in the past that sites like have suffered hacker attacks that stole the registration information of their users and this was discovered because they appeared on similar sites without consent (they copied them).

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Playdede involves the two former Megadede administrators, but managed by different developers and a third administrator. “We are all partners at the same level, although the development and start-up has been managed by the new administrator,” explains one of the managers.

“We wanted to give one more option to the people who were left behind with the closure of Megadede and so we did,” explains the new administrator, who had not belonged to the group that did manage Megadede.

One of the most controversial points of the transfer from Megadede to Playdede is the accounts and the lists of episodes and movies. Playdede requires the creation of a new account, but allows the retrieval of Megadede content through CSV lists.

For two months, Megadede administrators were warning users to download the CSV file of their lists to facilitate the transfer. Those users who did not do so had to start from scratch. However, those who had the CSV file will be able to make the move. This is because administrators could contact Megadede users, but not access the database.


First it was Plusdede, and after it closed down, Megadede made its way, and after the death of that one in September 2020, we now have a new candidate waiting to welcome all those users who were orphaned at the time: Playdede.

At there is a countdown with a little more than a week left. If you were a Megadede user and had downloaded your lists in CSV, you can upload them to this new portal to recover your content.

As for the mobile apps, they indicate that they will be developed once the web is open. Playdede will mainly offer only external links for download and playback, but there will be players on the platform itself.

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Pordede was visited by millions of users, thanks to its varied catalog of movies and series, but to enjoy it was necessary to download the APK version on the internet and then it was compatible with android and iOS operating system.

Being this platform the successor that had the same expanded catalog of great movies and various series, which can be enjoyed streaming or download by using the Plusdede APK and enjoy the content at the time you want.

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