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Son of God (English: Son of God) is a 2014 American biblical drama feature film produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. The film is an adaptation of the miniseries The Bible, which aired in March 2013 on History Channel. It stars Diogo Morgado and Roma Downey.

On its first night of release, the film grossed US $1.2 million in box office receipts in North American theaters, benefiting largely from advance ticket sales. It was predicted by Box Office Mojo that the film could likely earn $27.5 million in North America in its first weekend of release; it ended up making $26.5 million in its first weekend.

Beliefnet’s Nell Minow gave the film a B grade, saying, “It tells the story in a Westernized, conventional way that can seem shallow at times, more a Sunday School movie lesson than a movie. It is unlikely to convince anyone, but it is undeniably moving and many believers find it inspiring.” Jim Slotek of the Toronto Sun gave the film 4.7 stars.

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DirectorGee Malik Linton EstrellasAna de Armas Ariel Pacheco Gabe Vargas Sandy Tejada RepartoAmaurys Rodriguez Ana de Armas Andrea Lynn Green Andrew Polk Ariel R. Pacheco Big Daddy Kane Brianne Berkson Christopher McDonald Clara Wong Daniel Ojeda Astigarraga Danny Guzman Danny Hoch Denia Brache Gabe Vargas Gilbert Cruz Ismael Cruz Córdova Jeanette Dilone Jewel Donohue Julissa Roman Justicia Quiroz Keanu Reeves Laura Gómez Leopold Manswell Louis Martinez Melissa Linton Michael Rispoli Mira Sorvino Monte Greene Nelson Landrieu Pablo González Peter Conboy Sandy Tejada Shirley Roeca Stephen Thompson Venus Ariel


Manuela se llama como su padre, socialista y ateo, pero su abuela, católica y conservadora, insiste en que debe llevar el nombre que las primeras hijas de la familia han llevado durante generaciones: Dolores.

La historia se desarrolla en un valle de los Andes ecuatorianos, durante el verano de 1976. Manuela y su hermano pequeño, Camilo, están pasando las vacaciones con sus primos y abuelos en el caserío de la familia.

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Escondido en la abandonada biblioteca de la familia, el esquizofrénico tío Felipe se dedica a liberar las palabras de las ataduras de los dogmas. Su sabiduría libera a Manuela de sus propios dogmas y cambia para siempre su relación con las palabras, incluido su propio nombre.

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Aladdin’s third cinematic adventure, in which the 40 Thieves break into his wedding with Princess Yasmin and prevent them from getting married. Once they manage to stop the attack, the wedding is already ruined, so Aladdin decides to find out the intention that the thieves were hiding. To do so, he consults an oracle he has just been given and discovers that Cassim, the chief of the thieves, is his father. Surprised, he decides to join the 40 Thieves to learn more about his rediscovered progenitor. This installment is the sequel to ‘The Return of Jafar’ and marks the final denouement of Aladdin’s adventures, both the films and the animated series. It was marketed only in VHS format, with an investment that became the fourth highest by Walt Disney in terms of films released directly to video. With the storyline based on the tale of ‘Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves’, the film enjoyed considerable success in the video market, largely due to the popularity of its characters, especially the Genie, as well as the soundtrack, typical of the Disney brand.