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La Organización Editorial Mexicana, también conocida como OEM, es la mayor empresa mexicana de medios impresos y la mayor empresa periodística de América Latina. La empresa posee un gran servicio de noticias, incluye 70 diarios mexicanos, 24 emisoras de radio y 44 sitios web[1].

La Organización Editorial Mexicana fue fundada por José García Valseca La circulación diaria de la edición impresa de La Prensa, uno de los periódicos de la OEM, es de más de 450.000 lectores. Es considerado el periódico más leído en la Ciudad de México. Según, la versión en línea del medio es una de las páginas web más visitadas en México[2].

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“We send our condolences to the families of the victims of this accident and the position of the city government is supported by the federal government, about what proceeds in this unfortunate case,” said AMLO in his morning press conference.

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Fernando Álvarez, member of the Topos Tlatelolco A.C. Rescue Brigade, explained that it is very likely that under the rubble there are people crushed by the collapse of the subway structure and that getting them out “is going to take time”.

At a press conference held Tuesday with local authorities, Serranía said, “I consider that I will collaborate with the Prosecutor’s Office so that the cause of this structural failure is known, and I think that is what we all want, that they get to the bottom of it,” he said.

From the United States to Argentina, messages sent by different leaders and governments to Mexico after the subway collapse multiplied on Tuesday. Below you can read some of them.

“Last night a subway overpass collapsed in Mexico City. The United States offers our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the deceased, and we wish the injured a speedy and full recovery,” he wrote.

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#AvisoMetro: A train is removed from Line 3, for revision of the door system, allowing it to close freely. Progress is slow, shortly the service will be normalized. #MovilidadCDMX- MetroCDMX (@MetroCDMX) November 19, 2021

Some commented that the saturation at Balderas station is so much, that police officers were beginning to vacate the platform or were inviting them to take Line 1 if it would bring them closer to their destination.

At Guerrero they closed the transfer with Line B, so people were trapped for 15 minutes in the corridors. Some users who were on the faulty train were trapped for more than 30 minutes. Service has not been reestablished so far.

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MEXICO CITY – The Mexico City Metro service from Balbuena to Pino Suarez resumed its services a few minutes ago after a suspension derived from a fire outbreak.The affected area before the fire outbreak was in the limits of the electrical substation of Line 1 of Metro CDMX, impacting six stations from Balbuena to Pino Suarez, where the service was interrupted from approximately 5:00 am today.

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Thousands of users were affected by the lack of transportation to the center and west of the city, since the suspension impacted a total of six stations.