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VIRTUAL COURSE: COACHING A FORM OF PERSONAL WORK I. JUSTIFICATION:The topic of Coaching is a current one in the field of personal improvement, since it can be applied both in personal life and professionally helping client Virtual Education.

With our own practice environments in medicine, the student has the opportunity to give his service to society as he studies, enrolling directly in the world of medicine.

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weConnect le permite, como educador, seguir moviéndose libremente en la sala y ver a todos sus oyentes con claridad, sin importar el número de personas que haya en el aula virtual. Establezca contacto visual y hable directamente con cada uno de los alumnos, colabore en las pizarras y muestre fácilmente presentaciones y películas. Tu audiencia puede enviar preguntas públicas y anónimas en el chat. Puedes realizar encuestas y ver fácilmente si algún participante levanta la mano. Después de la lección, puedes obtener estadísticas y resultados de la misma.

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Along with a cordial greeting, and hoping that you are well with your families, we are writing to you in order to deliver the guidelines and schedule for the process of Closing the Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation (DIA) of the Agency for Quality Education, which includes the Socioemotional Areas, Reading, Mathematics, History and Citizenship Training, which will be applied in the Online mode in alternate day through the platform that the same Agency has provided for it.

The Socioemotional Assessment must be taken as an online test in the levels from 4° Basic to IV° Medium in the DIA platform. In the levels from 1st to 3rd grade, a date and time is indicated to take the evaluation, which will be guided by our psychologist (Valeria Pinto) and differential educator (Marcela Bravo).

For this purpose, a space will be set up in the school hall (south-west sector, in front of the swimming pool), in order to provide a permanent access point for those students who need to do this procedure and who are not attending classes in person.

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García explains that it has been created “to promote the knowledge and dissemination of Nature-based Solutions (NBS) in the Mediterranean and Ibero-American context and is located in our Technological headquarters in Malaga”.

It was born, therefore, with the aim of contributing to improve knowledge about the role of BNS in the conversation of biodiversity and to respond to challenges such as climate change, natural disasters or food security.

The rector wanted to highlight and thank the collaboration in the courses of numerous entities, 70 in this edition. In the case of Malaga, he added, “we have institutions such as the Malaga City Council, the Pompidou Center, the Thyssen Museum, the Russian Museum, the Press Association of Malaga or the International Union for Conservation of Nature”.

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The course is blended and will be held online from June 15 to July 15, except for some face-to-face sessions at the Antonio Machado headquarters in Baeza (Jaén), on July 9 and 10, in which the working groups of the practical workshops will share their results and there will be role-playing games for audit simulations.