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During the week of November 15 to 19, 2021, the Natural Sciences Department has organized a series of activities related to science, with the aim of publicizing the onomastics of St. Albert the Great, patron saint of science.

On November 29, 2021, students of 1st Bachillerato G have made a visit to the veterinary museum of Badajoz in the subject of Biology and Geology in order to show and deepen the knowledge of the history, the different disciplines, the importance and projection of this profession in the future.

Department of education

It has been historically and is currently a reference in Vocational Training and High School, in which the high degree of satisfaction of students and families who graduate from our center, the academic performance and external recognitions prove it.

With nearly 1,500 students, 15 non-teaching professionals and more than 120 teachers, together with the AMPA, we form an educational community committed to society, training not only in educational or technological aspects aimed at the academic and professional training of our students, but also in those values that serve as tools to achieve a better overall development as people.

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Dual vocational training

CERTIFICATE OF PROFESSIONALITY HOTR0108 BASIC KITCHEN OPERATIONSFrom ISG we train you as Kitchen Assistant and Storekeeper through the Certificate of Professionalism of Basic Kitchen Operations in a practical and face-to-face way in our facilities.this qualification is official throughout the national will do internships in our kitchens and work experience in restaurants and hotels.TRAINING PROGRAMMEOMF0255_1: Provisioning, preprocessing and culinary conservation. (120 hours)MF0256_1: Basic culinary preparation. (180 hours)MP0014: Module of non-labour professional practices of basic kitchen operations. (80 hours)

CERTIFICATE OF PROFESSIONALITY HOTR0408 COOKINGIf you want to train as a cook, you can do it at ISG through the Certificate of Professionalism in Cooking. 100% practical and face-to-face. In addition, you will be able to do work experience in some of the best restaurants and hotels. This certification is officially valid throughout the national territory.TRAINING PROGRAMMEOMF0711_2: Safety, hygiene and environmental protection in the hotel and catering business. (60 hours)MF0259_2: Simple gastronomic offers and supply systems. (70 hours)MF0260_2: Food preprocessing and preservation. (190 hours)MF0261_2: Culinary techniques. (240 hours)MF0262_2: Culinary products. (170 hours)MP0017: Module of non-labour professional practices of Cooking. (80 hours)

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Professional training almeria

The temporary market of San Sebastian will have an area of 900 square meters, protected by a modular tent with gable roof, prestressed canvas, opaque white and aluminum structure.

A total of 26 prefabricated modules will be installed in this space (1 administration, 9 fishmongers, 5 greengrocers, 4 butchers, 1 bakery, 1 dried fruit and spices, 1 churroeria, 1 warehouse, 2 counters and 1 toilet). The stalls will meet the needs of each merchant and will have hot water, air conditioning and independent electricity and water meters.

The forecast of the Huelva City Council is that by mid-April the installation of the tent and stalls will be completed and the retailers will be able to move to this provisional market place.

The works of adequacy of the Paco Toronjo square to house the provisional market of San Sebastian began in late October 2020. During these months the departments of Infrastructure and Mobility as well as Aguas de Huelva have carried out various actions, including the introduction of the sewerage and water supply network and the improvement of accesses. Work is also being carried out to create parking areas and loading and unloading zones, and nearby spaces that can be used as vehicle parking areas are being evaluated.