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La Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (SELAE) es una empresa pública. Adscrita al Ministerio de Hacienda, se encarga de la gestión, explotación y comercialización de todo tipo de loterías y juegos de ámbito nacional o cuando excedan del ámbito de una comunidad autónoma.

Como empresa pública, fue creada en 1984 por la integración de los servicios que hasta entonces gestionaban los juegos del Estado -la Mutualidad de Apuestas Deportivas y el Servicio de Lotería Nacional- y fue reformada por última vez en 2010[2] Asume todas las competencias del Estado en materia de loterías, actividad promovida por el Estado desde 1763, cuando el rey Carlos III creó la Lotería Real. Desde 1812, también gestiona la Lotería de Navidad, el mayor sorteo de lotería del mundo.

Real lottery

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But I am NOT going to take a picture of the error and send it. Don’t bother to reply. It is already unacceptable that most of the responses to comments are identical. Do not you realize by the statistics of stamps that fails everywhere. Fix it now. I’m going to uninstall it.

It always marks either critical error, or exceeded maximum time (which should be one second), or that the user information is not available. A disaster, as well as (although to a lesser extent) the web. Reloading lotobolsa is almost more difficult than winning the euromillions. To offer such a service it is almost better not to have it.

The developer, SOCIEDAD ESTATAL LOTERIAS Y APUESTAS DEL ESTADO, S.A. (SELAE), has indicated that it will not offer this service. (SELAE), has indicated that the privacy practices of the app may include the data management described below. For more information, please see the developer’s privacy policy.

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National lottery

In addition, we offer the service to know the winning results as soon as the National Lottery draws conclude and, if you have won something, how much it has been and if it is available to collect physically or online (or by other methods depending on the millions you win).

The logos of games and lotteries used in this website are property of the Sociedad Estatal de Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (SELAE). This web only makes use of them for identification purposes in order to facilitate the bettor’s choice and selection.

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Resolution whereby the termination of the singular license for the development and operation of the “Counterparty Sports Betting” type of game granted to the entity “Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, S.A.” is acknowledged.

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Resolution of the General Directorate of Gaming Regulation provisionally granting a Singular License for the development and operation of the “Counterpart Sports Betting” type of game to the entity Sociedad Estatal Loterias y Apuestas del Estado, S.A.