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La Voz es un reality show español emitido por Antena 3. Se estrenó el 19 de septiembre de 2012 y forma parte de la sindicación internacional La Voz, basada en el programa de televisión original holandés La Voz de Holanda, creado por el productor de televisión holandés John de Mol[1][2].

Desde el inicio del programa en 2012 se han emitido siete temporadas completas y la octava temporada comenzará en septiembre de 2021. Telecinco emitió originalmente la serie hasta la quinta temporada y Antena 3 continuó la emisión a partir de la sexta.

El programa consta de tres fases: una audición a ciegas, una fase de batalla y las actuaciones en directo. Cuatro jueces, también conocidos como coaches, todos ellos notables artistas discográficos, eligen a los equipos de concursantes a través de un proceso de audición a ciegas. Cada juez dispone de la duración de la actuación del concursante (alrededor de un minuto) para decidir si quiere a ese artista en su equipo; si dos o más jueces quieren al mismo artista (como ocurre con frecuencia), el artista tiene la opción final de elegir a qué equipo del entrenador se va a unir.

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No way, the person Alejandro finally chose, which was Adam, at that time was also my favorite. I knew he was the one to follow. There were 5 of us in the team, anyone could have passed.

For me, when I was given the second chance, I had doubts about whether I was going to be defeated again in El Regreso. Luckily I have a fighting spirit inside that overpowers all the other feelings that come up and I finally got it right by coming back. I’m happy with how it turned out, I didn’t expect it.

I have a very special relationship with Miriam. She took care of me during ‘El Regreso’ and did not treat me as another contestant, but as a friend. I value that very much. She is a talented woman, with a lot of humility. Miriam is a friend for me in ‘La Voz’.

From home it seemed that I had very clear that I wanted to go with Laura after my time in ‘El Regreso’, but in truth I was not at all clear. In principle I wanted to go with Antonio Orozco, because he was the person who encouraged me the most in the blind auditions. I am a person who is guided by his feelings at the time and at that moment I felt that I should go with Laura and so I did, I do not regret anything. Laura was like a mother to me in the program.

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One of the most watched programs on television, ‘La Voz’ begins to come to an end. Next week the live shows begin and the artists who have made it this far have already overcome four intense phases in front of the coaches that were recorded a few months ago.

«You have taken us to the best port there is: to the port of emotion,» Pablo Alborán told Julio after his performance. Alborán was especially hurt after Sanz’s robbery because he knew that Julio was a strong member of his team.

Despite the fact that no one in her family had heard her sing until her arrival on La Voz, it seems that it was worth it for her to perform, because she has risen as one of the favorite voices of the program for all the viewers.

After finishing her song in the final round, there were many faces with tears of emotion. One of them, that of her coach, Alborán, who was very moved by her performance, as well as her boyfriend and father during the viewing of the interpretation.