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a) Description of the object: Cleaning service for the central services of the Servef, the Regional Directorate of Employment and Labor of Valencia, the Vocational Training Service of Valencia and the Regional Directorate of Employment and Labor of Alicante.

Lot 2: Cleaning service of the Regional Directorate of Employment and Labor of Valencia, located at Avenida Barón de Cárcer, 36, Valencia and the Vocational Training Service of Valencia, located at Calle Hospital, 2, Valencia.

d) Execution period or delivery deadline (months): In accordance with the provisions of section C of Annex I of the standard Specific Administrative Clauses, the execution period will be twenty-four months, and is scheduled to begin on October 1, 2005.

4. Base bidding budget. Total amount (euros). Five hundred and seventy-four thousand three hundred and forty euros and sixty-five cents (574,340.65 euros), VAT included, with the following distribution by lots:

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La familia Manglano aparece por primera vez en el siglo XIV, emparentada con la Alcarria;[2] creció hasta convertirse en importantes terratenientes castellanos en los siglos XVI y XVII;[3] a mediados del siglo XVIII su rama se instaló en Levante;[4] acumulando tierras en la provincia de Valencia crecieron hasta convertirse en regidores y, mediante el matrimonio, entraron en los estratos aristocráticos. [5] El abuelo paterno de Joaquín, José Pedro Manglano y Ruiz[6] (1819-1900),[7] obtuvo nuevos títulos aristocráticos,[8] en 1867-1868 fue diputado a Cortes[9] y se convirtió en una de las personalidades locales más prestigiosas.

El padre de Joaquín, Luis Manglano y Palencia (1863-1937), heredó algunos de los títulos y la mayor parte de la riqueza inmobiliaria, añadiendo también nuevos honores a su colección;[10] hasta la década de 1910 en el ámbito público se hizo notar sobre todo como líder de organizaciones católicas aristocráticas valencianas. [11] Se casó con Josefa Cucaló de Montull y Cubells (1861-1951),[12] una joven de prestigiosa ascendencia aristocrática[13] que aportó aún nuevos títulos a la familia[14] El matrimonio tuvo 8 hijos, siendo Joaquín el mayor de los hermanos[15].

non-contributory pension for the valencian community

The degree and levels of dependency, for the purposes of assessment, will be determined by applying the scale agreed by the Territorial Council of the System for Autonomy and Care for Dependency for subsequent approval by the Government by Royal Decree. Said scale will have among its references the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF), adopted by the World Health Organization.

The scale will establish the objective criteria for assessing the degree of autonomy of the person, his or her capacity to perform the different activities of daily living, the scoring intervals for each of the degrees and levels of dependency, and the protocol with the procedures and techniques to be followed for the assessment of the skills observed, if applicable.

The scale will assess the person’s ability to carry out basic activities of daily living by him/herself, as well as the need for support and supervision for their performance by persons with intellectual disabilities or mental illness.

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From the union they requested that, while waiting for the resolution of the technical, geological and architectural reports that rule out risks to the safety of people, “urgent measures be taken”. Among them the possibility of eviction.

Sources of the Conselleria de Bienestar Social explained that the Technical Office of Projects and Works is investigating these movements and does not rule out any cause. They pointed out that they are considering the possibility that this swaying was caused by the elevators or a consequence of the Barón de Cárcer parking lot.

The construction of this parking required a large hole in the area and already affected the structure of the historic building of the Colegio de la Seda. Curiously, the rehabilitation works of this protected building started four days ago.

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