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Selling youtube views.

Business Insider talked to 4 YouTube content creators with very different channels: Marina Mogilko, Kevin David, Austen Alexander and Shelby Church, about how much they earned from videos with 1 million (or more) views.

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Some creators label their content as “educational” or “commercial” to increase their fees, she said, but in her experience, YouTube’s algorithm is smart enough to know whether a video is educational or not.

She says that with one of her videos (“10 well-paying jobs you can learn and do from home”), on Linguamarina, which has 1.7 million views, she earned $10,000 (€9,016) in AdSense revenue.

He has confessed that he made this Shopify tutorial while staying in a cheap hostel in Australia with no camera or equipment. But his content has such a high AdSense rate mostly because he focuses on business topics, which often, as mentioned above, are more attractive to advertisers.

Alexander started his channel in 2016, and now posts recordings such as “A Day in the Life of an Enlisted U.S. Sailor” (800,000 views ) and “Mrs. Bikini Olympia Attempts U.S. Navy Physical Test.” (3.6 million views).

Buying net views

It is clear that in order to succeed in the world of YouTube, it is necessary to have many subscribers; it is also clear that it is not always so easy to get them on your own and that this process usually takes quite some time.

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In this article we will start sharing information about the 9 most recommended SMM servers on the Internet and, in this way, we intend to help you make the best decision after analyzing each of the options proposed here:

Our videos will have to be interesting and have content that all users can understand and use. The more users click on our videos, the better their position on the platform.

Leaving several comments on videos of channels that have similar content to ours will be a key strategy to gain subscribers from third parties, the comments must be authentic, must show a deep knowledge on the subject and should be short.

We may not be able to ensure that absolutely all YouTube users have other social networks, however, we can say that this is true in most cases and, for this reason, social networks work excellent for the promotion of the channel on YouTube.

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