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The second season of the series premiered on Thursday prime time, on Antena 3, from February 9, 2006, beating its own audience record at that time. The fiction became more and more popular and the figures continued to be above the minimum level required by the network in the following episodes. During this stage, the remaining 5 episodes of the first season were aired, plus the 14 corresponding to the second season, thus completing a total of 19 episodes. In the end of the second season, humor would give way to intrigue and drama, achieving a shocking, open and quite disturbing ending for a comic series. This season finale was the audience leader with a 23.3% share and 3,556,000 million viewers.

Bernarda doubts that Mariano still feels the same for her, and that is due to the lack of communication between them, especially because Mariano finds it hard to be honest with her. Among other things, he does not tell Bernarda that he has to marry a Czech because he is involved in the investigation of a mafia dedicated to arranging arranged marriages in order to extort money from them. Kira tells Lola that her mother is going to get out of jail, which does not please her because she thinks that her mother is a bad person and wants to recover her guardianship, not for her sake, but to benefit from something. Lola, who cannot believe that Kira’s mother is so bad, decides to spy on the meeting between the two with the help of Bernarda and Rita. Paco is so angry with Lucas after seeing how he kissed his daughter, that he decides to pretend they don’t know each other, so much so that he calls him inspector Miranda. The mission that has been given to the two of them this time is together with Povedilla, in which they have to discover the disappearance of vagrants and all the clues lead to a pharmaceutical company.

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Los hombres de Paco return to Antena 3 prime time with a new mission. The charismatic cops from the San Antonio neighborhood police station were a phenomenon for nine seasons and now continue to sweep in their return. After consolidating its success on Atresmedia’s pay platform, where you can already enjoy the full season, the fiction premieres its fifth episode this Thursday on Antena 3’s prime time.Chapter 5: Sieg Heil!The CNI is looking for Lombard, an internationally persecuted neo-Nazi leader. While placing cameras and microphones in the headquarters of the organization led by Lombard, Mariano discovers that his nephew is one of the affiliates. The agent must infiltrate a meeting of neo-Nazis to dismantle the organization from the inside. The attraction between Ika and Rober is greater than the difficulties presented by the fact that he is transsexual. Ika makes an effort to accept the situation and seeks advice from an LGTBI association. Paco sees the brochure and begins to worry about his niece’s sexual orientation. The conclusions he reaches are far from reality.

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If you still haven’t seen season 10 of Los hombres de Paco on ATRESplayer Premium, you have a new opportunity now that it is premiering on free-to-air. The media group gave the green light to a new batch of chapters that premieres this week, and although in May it was launched on Atresmedia’s streaming platform, it has not been until now that Antena 3 has decided to announce its free-to-air broadcast.

Going back to May, we must remember that the first chapter of the new of Los Hombres de Paco was indeed scheduled on Antena 3 accumulating 2.7 million viewers (the most watched national fiction since 2019). This success did not cause plans to change: the rest of the season would be seen first on ATRESplayer Premium. Although now that the new course is starting, it is resumed to continue the series where it left off:

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