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After its most recent adventure, the Manolito Gafotas series has eight titles starring Manolito Gafotas, which we all recognize thanks to the illustrations of Emilio Urberuaga, winner of the National Illustration Award.

The series created by Elvira Lindo, which received the National Youth Literature Award, has become recommended reading and, thanks to its popularity, has been adapted for cinema and television.

Manolito’s success has transcended borders and his seven titles have been published by the best foreign publishers and translated with great success into more than twenty languages, from English to Japanese or Farsi.

“Isn’t it impressive? An Iranian reader of Manolito feels as if he is observing his own childhood, his memories, his antics and worries through a lens; observing his own family, himself? As if all over the world, childhood shares a single language.” Maryam Mohamadkhani, Iranian editor of Manolito.

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El Orejones started screaming in his role as an attacked princess, as if he had been wound up, and I ran away as if I was going to win the hundred-meter dash. I’m the kind of guy who likes to fight in retreat. But in this life people are divided into two big groups: those who win races and those who lose them. I’m one of the latter. Jihad’s pimp grabbed me by the hood of my trench coat and said:

You have to admit that if there were a worldwide contest of phrases on the planet, mine would be at least a finalist. But Jihad is not impressed by great sentences; he is the classic tough guy, hard to crack:

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