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The culinary offer would be divided into starters, grilled vegetables, salads and their forte: meats. Let’s start with the grilled vegetables, a good selection from the garden where I was able to try the zucchini.

Portas and Ronda (Discarlux) themselves did not know very well what would be the taste of this extremely matured cutlet and were eager to know how so much maturation had intervened in the taste of the meat. Visually it had a great appearance, good color and shiny fat, I was amazed with this chop that weighed about 3 kilos 200 gr.

The meat was presented to us very well roasted, with the three colors, very good infiltration and although the flavor was not affected by those points to Roquefort that usually gives the excessively matured meat, it was not shown in all its splendor and the long maturation had not contributed much, it lacked a little flavor, but it has been a luxury to have been able to make a tasting of these characteristics ….

Today I have been privileged, not every day you have the luck to taste such a special meat, it has been the “brooch” to a perfect meal, in one of the places that every day that passes is getting better and is already among one of the most recommended in Madrid.

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DescripciónInformaciónFundado por un gallego y un uruguayo, este restaurante cercano al Paseo de Recoletos ofrece las carnes de todo el mundo hechas a la parrilla situada a la vista de los comensales. Es un homenaje a la comida a la parrilla que también sirve una amplia selección de vinos españoles e internacionales.

El restaurante tiene un interior elegante y sencillo decorado en madera e inspirado en la hacienda uruguaya. Se han dejado las vigas de madera y las columnas de hierro fundido originales, jugando con el blanco y el negro.

La carta consta de entrantes a la parrilla como chorizos, morcilla o verduras, ensaladas, una amplia selección de carnes de Argentina, Uruguay, Australia, EE.UU., Alemania, Holanda y España y varios postres.

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In this 2018 came Carbón Negro (9 Lunas), as the first restaurant in the capital where to have a good steak in a trendy place with great atmosphere. Normally the other steakhouses are more “serious” places.

With the aim of trying three different types of meat, since, in principle, and with the exception of the Galician Rubia and the Tomahawk, they can be ordered individually, we told the waiter to recommend the three best ones they had. I assume that, if I go to a steak restaurant for dinner, the waiter will be trained in the subject and will know how to give good advice.

In the end, it is important to try the different types of meat to know which one you like best. Some people may prefer tasteless meats such as beef, others may prefer flat meats such as Black Angus, others may prefer something more flavorful such as Simmental, and others, including myself, may want the power of the national meat, whether it is Galician beef or the ultimate God, which is Galician beef.

la maruca

A temple for carnivores with quality grilled meats mainly from Uruguay and national. Good grilled vegetables to complement and good sweets to finish. Everything in a pleasant place with a wide bar that allows to enjoy the grills at sight or in the dining room.

The Hawaiian salads based on diced raw fish, the ‘poke bowls’, are an excellent choice for an appetizer or lunch: they are fresh, tasty, healthy and combine with a multitude of ingredients such as rice, seaweed, vegetables….

The pleasure of feeling fear and the attraction generated by terror, runs amok on the eve of All Saints’ Eve with horror shows, witches’ processions, sinister routes, zombie invasions and haunted houses to live a Halloween 2019…

Three culinary movements are still on the rise. The resurgence of long-fermented pizza doughs, with examples such as ‘Garden Pizza’, in Barcelona; the return to tradition, but in a modern setting such as ‘Sinsombrero’, in Madrid, and the rise of the ‘Sinsombrero’, in…

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