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To let you know the quality of our academic program and our online methodology we have prepared a Low-Cost Solar Photovoltaic Course for you to enroll safely and invest in our advanced programs.

“We are sure that Solar Photovoltaic Energy will be part of the next energy basket to be adopted by all countries to help the energy sustainability of the planet and curb climate change.

We want to provide you with the necessary skills to help consolidate an energy model that is much more than just any productive economy: it treasures and champions values of respect and efficiency that looks to the long term, thinking about leaving the best possible legacy, thus sending society a clear message of what kind of world we want.

The University Extension Diploma in Photovoltaic Solar Energy taught in e-learning format (distance learning) by the Polytechnic University of Valencia has been configured to train qualified and competent professionals in this modern form of distributed generation in which photovoltaic modules convert solar radiation incident on its surface into electricity.

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Kinetico Osmosis K10 RO Direct flow Domestic Direct flow + Tap | Premium Osmosis, Premium Water | Free Shipping | Stock ► Open the tap and drink or cook with pure water, without impurities, without chlorine, with the right lime … with the minimum environmental impact and free of microplastics and sediments. Thanks to its high flow rate of pure water production, K10 Direct Flow will allow you to fill jugs, bottles, pots… quickly, with a minimum amount of rejected water. This translates into great savings and a more sustainable operation.

AEG L8WEC162 Washer-Dryer | 8000 Okomix Series | Wash 10kg Dry 6kg 1600rpm | Heat Pump | Silver Panel | Class B – E | Stock ► Inverter motor in both Washing and Drying by Heat Pump, with self-cleaning condenser. Washer-Dryer L8WEC162 AEG, OkoMix 8000 Series, ProSteam, DualSense, 10 kg wash and 6 kg dry, 1600 rpm, Inverter Motor, NonStop Function 3 kilos in 3 hours, OkoPower 5 kilos in 4 hours, LCD Display, Steel Panel, FRONT PANEL ONLY IN STAINLESS STEEL ANTI-FLIGHT, Class A.

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Black+Decker B/DGT535 Hedge Trimmer. Begie NaisiCore Pots Pots Outdoor Indoor Outdoor Plant Home Container Basket Planter Basket 3PCS Flowers Pot Seagrass. Battery for Philips Razor model US14430VR. 132 15 cm Beige Beige Garden Swing Rocker Type Metal Rocking Chair Metal 3 Seater Adjustable Canopy Adjustable Cushion Padded Cushion Terrza Outdoor Balcony in Silver Coated Oxford Fabric Waterproof 210D 190, Viplili Flags Atletico Madrid Vs Valencia Flags 3×5 Feet Garden House Outdoor Banners Decorative Flag, Monkys Folding Fishing Net Folding Telescopic Fishing Net Folding Aluminum Handle Fishing Landing Net 3 Sections Tool, UnfadeMemory Outdoor Garden Furniture Set,Garden Sofas,with Cushions and Pillows,Natural Rattan Armchair without Armrests 66x69x62cm, 5 Gallon Cabilock 3 Piece Round Saucer Plant Planter Tray Saucer Planter Saucer Plastic Pallets for Indoor Outdoor Plant Container Accessories. Laurel Seeds 18 Seeds of Laurus Nobilis or Laurel Tree.Viplili Flags Atletico Madrid Vs Valencia Flags 3×5 Feet Garden House Outdoor Banners Decorative Flag. Pool Cleaner with Nylon Brush,Pool Cleaning Brush Algae Cleaning Extra Scrubbing Power Resistant for Concrete Gunite.

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The MCM11/EV board deals with power rectifiers and voltage regulators. It is part of the IPES Interactive Practical Electronics system and works both in standard mode, using the on-board switches and with the help of the manual, and in computerized mode, using the software version of the manual which automatically introduces circuit variations and faults allowing the lessons to be developed without the teacher’s help. The pre-assembled electronic components subdivided into circuit blocks can be interconnected and modified by means of manifolds and cables.