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SYNOPSIS: The final battle in the eternal war between Good and Evil will take place in New Jersey, when two fallen angels attempt to destroy the entire universe, unless someone can stop them. These two angels, Loki and Bartleby, are trying to find a way to end their perpetual exile in Wisconsin, when they stumble upon the perfect plan to return to paradise: the possibility of circumventing the dogma that will allow them to return to Heaven, if they pass under the blessed arch of the New Jersey cathedral, while eliminating all human existence. But they will have to face a problem; one person has been chosen to prevent them from doing it… and she will not have to do it alone.

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The Vow of Chastity oath is taken for each film. Juan Pinzás has done it and signed it three times, for Éra outra vez (Dogma #22 Spain #1), Días de boda (Dogma #30 Spain #2) and El desenlace (Dogma #31 Spain #3), respectively.

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Other absolutely false lists are circulating on the Internet (including one that claims to be official, totally adulterated) that invite confusion. Some of these lists attribute to Dogma 95 more than 250 films that include short films, documentaries, feature films that have never been shot and even titles that are repeated (all contrary to Dogma 95 that did not admit short films, documentaries, etc.).

On the other hand, Professor Ryan Prout from Cardiff University – Prifysgol Caerdydd made a very interesting and documented study on the Dogma 95 trilogy by Juan Pinzás, for the IX International Congress of the AIEG.

Besides, I swear that as a director I will refrain from any personal taste! I am no longer an artist. I swear that I will refrain from creating a work, because I consider that the instant is much more important than the totality.    My supreme aim will be to make the truth come out of my characters and out of the frame of the action. I swear to do this by all possible means and at the price of good taste and all kinds of aesthetic considerations.

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Una trabajadora de una clínica de abortos con una herencia especial es reclutada para evitar que dos ángeles vuelvan a entrar en el Cielo y deshagan así el tejido del universo. En el camino, recibe la ayuda de dos profetas, Jay y Bob el Silencioso. Con la ayuda de Rufus, el 13º Apóstol, deben detener a los que se interponen en su camino y evitar que los ángeles entren en el Cielo.Ver Dogma película completa online gratis

En un mundo aterrorizado por los supervillanos, una mujer ha desarrollado el proceso para dar superpoderes a la gente normal. Pero cuando la científica Emily Stanton imbuye accidentalmente a su mejor amiga distanciada con increíbles…

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Loki and Bartleby, two fallen angels, are looking for a way to return to Paradise. But if they succeed, it would mean the end of life on Earth. The charming Bethany is commissioned by Metatron, the voice of God, to stop the two renegades from carrying out their plan to enter a consecrated church in New Jersey. To do so, Bethany enlists the help of two incredible prophets, a supposed thirteenth apostle and a celestial muse.

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Affleck and Damon play two fallen angels whose ascension to heaven must be stopped by Linda Fiorentino, a nurse at a New Jersey abortion clinic who receives the mission through Metatron, the Voice of God (Rickman), in the film’s best scene. The rest, sal