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Similarly, customers who wish to speak to an advisor of the bank can go to one of the CaixaBank branches but also have the option of being attended digitally. Through these channels, customers will be able to request information on products and services as well as help with any procedure.

In addition to Online Banking, customers can also operate digitally through the CaixaBankNow App, which facilitates banking operations through mobile devices. From this App, customers can carry out practically all banking procedures.

The online platform that CaixaBank offers its private and corporate customers is one of the most powerful. Through it, customers can not only manage and operate with their already contracted products but also contract new ones.

Through CaixaBank Online Banking, customers can operate securely from anywhere without having to go to a branch. However, it is important to remember the importance of extreme caution when operating digitally.

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REMOTE BANKINGCustomers will be notified individually and in advance, at least 15 days in advance, of any changes in the interest rate, commissions or chargeable expenses affecting contracts for the use of telephone or electronic systems for access to banking services.

1. OPEN LINE Service Includes all access systems to the customer’s contracts, such as PC Internet, Telephone, WAP, Digital TV and any other device that may be incorporated to the service. SERVICES – Monthly maintenance fee for the service Individuals From 0 to 100 sessions From 101 to 200 sessions More than 200 sessions Legal entities From 0 to 100 sessions From 101 to 200 sessions More than 200 sessions

3. CaixaMvil alert service When a bank movement selected by the client occurs, this service notifies the client by means of a message. The message can be an e-mail, a short message to a mobile phone or, in the future, any other means that may be available. Individuals: Registration of the service. Maintenance fee (including the first 50 alerts). Per message sent, starting with the 51st alert of the semester Legal entities: Registration of the service Maintenance fee (which includes the first 20 alerts). Per message sent, starting from the 21st alert of the month.

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We keep on improving the app, with this update we fix some bugs that you have reported to us, please update the app version to continue enjoying it, if you like the app, do you rate us with 5*?

Hello, in order to help you we need more information. Please contact us by calling our toll free number 900 66 33 33 66 so that we can offer you a solution as soon as possible. We will help you to solve your case. Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience.

The developer, CaixaBank, S.A., has indicated that the privacy practices of the app may include the data management described below. For more information, please see the developer’s privacy policy.

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How can I access Línea Abierta? To access Línea Abierta, the on-line banking service of “la Caixa”, enter Once there, you must enter your identifier and password in the section “Secure access to Línea Abierta”, at the top left of the page.

Go to the section Cards > My cards and click on the card for which you wish to make a claim. On the next screen, click on the transaction you wish to claim. Click on the “Claim transaction” button.

This is still the case, but now Caixabank (La Caixa) has modified its fees and is going to start charging a 2 euro commission for using its ATMs to holders of cards issued by other entities that do not belong to its banking group.

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