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Guatemalan scientist, María Eugenía Cabrera Catalán, conducts research on dark matter and the Higgs Boson. Based on her experience, she makes a reflection on the need for more attention and support for science in…

Guatemalan cyclist Jhonnathan de León suffered a serious accident this Sunday during the fifth stage of the Tour for Peace, which was won by Brayan Jiménez, from Costa Rica, of CH Corporation.

The emergence of surreptitious operators, influence peddlers and the possible infiltration of mafias in certain political sectors are reasons enough to demand probity, integrity and upright professional conduct in all those people who are involved in the…

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Media outlets have reported that police officers attacked several journalists in late November when demonstrators took to the streets in repudiation of the 2021 budget and to demand Giammattei’s resignation. Journalists also suffered physical and verbal attacks by violent protesters.

To protect the rights to freedom of expression and health, as well as press freedom, Human Rights Watch and CPJ reiterate the recommendations included in CPJ’s March 2020 report, and, in particular, urge the Guatemalan government to take the following steps:

During 2020, Human Rights Watch and CPJ reviewed media reports, statements issued by organizations that protect press freedom, official statements, and press releases from the Human Rights Ombudsman’s Office. Human Rights Watch collected first-hand accounts of attacks on four independent journalists and reviewed video corroborating other attacks on the press. For CPJ’s March 2020 report on media freedom in Guatemala, staff interviewed more than 20 journalists and press freedom advocates. Ongoing communication with the journalists who served as sources for that report also contributed to the new findings.

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On November 29th, the Animal Welfare Unit (UBA) of MAGA received a complaint of animal abuse against a horse, a fact captured on video during the ascent to the Acatenango volcano and now the municipality is putting…

A Guatemalan man managed to circumvent security at La Aurora International Airport and stowed away on a flight to Miami. Nery Ovando, an expert in airport maintenance and security, analyzes what happened and…

Uzra Zeya, US Undersecretary of State, advocated in her visit to Guatemala for judicial independence to fight corruption, and called for accurate plans to eradicate irregular migration.

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