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How to help someone with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Teléfono De La Esperanza, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide comprehensive assistance to people who are in a crisis situation. In order to provide specialized care, they offer different programs that contribute to mental, emotional, family and community health. Through the contact channels that we will give you you are free to submit your questions.

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Contacting us through the toll free numbers of Teléfono De La Esperanza allows you to receive counseling and emotional support intervention. The purpose of crisis intervention through this channel is to address problems in a free, specialized and anonymous way that guarantees important help for individuals or families.  Through the extensive list of phone numbers of Telefonos De La Esperanza it is possible to ask questions that provide information and clarify concerns.

In addition to this, information about the volunteer process and the different ways to contribute to the organization is projected. This service has a multidisciplinary team composed of psychologists, professional counselors, psychiatrists and lawyers to provide guidance in legal cases. Therefore, the orientation of this non-profit service is carried out by telephone and in person. The calls to the mentioned telephones allow to have information and orientation in real time, so the operators are available to assist you quickly.

Anti-suicide hotline

What is this course? This course is designed to provide people who wish to participate as volunteers of the Telephone of Hope, a series of tools within the methodology known as… Read more

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What is this course? This course is designed to provide people who wish to participate as volunteers of the Telephone of Hope, a series of tools within the methodology known as “emotional intelligence”….. Read more

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Practicing Active Listening, non-judgment and support is positive on a daily basis, for you and for anyone who needs you and asks for help. You can always provide them with our phone number, if you consider that anonymity can help more.

If you decide to leave us a part of your estate, you should know that it will be a direct help and exempt from inheritance taxes. When you go to the notary, you should inform him/her of your wish to include one or more non-profit organizations, and you should also provide him/her with the details of the entities you wish to include. If you need additional information, or you have more doubts, we will advise you free of charge and without obligation. Contact us.

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Active listening is that form of communication in which you not only hear and perceive the vibrations of the sounds emitted by the interlocutor, but you let him/her know that he/she is heard and, therefore, understood. It means listening in such a way that the person issuing the message interprets that we are interested in what he or she is trying to communicate.