Tiempo en malaga capital aemet

Tiempo en malaga capital aemet en línea

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Symbols and precipitation apply to the interval between the times indicated, the wind and temperature forecast in Barcelona is for the first hour indicated.Met Norway data, under Norwegian Licence for Open Government Data (NLOD) 2.0 and Creative Commons 4.0 BY International license.

* The sensation temperature is calculated with the apparent temperature formula, based on a mathematical model of an adult, walking outdoors, in the shade (Steadman 1994). Unlike other indices, wind, humidity and temperature values are used throughout the thermometric range.

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From 13:00 there will be overcast skies with thunderstorms and light rain (and later, the Aemet forecasts cloudy intervals). Temperatures, however, will remain between 21 and 27 degrees all week until Saturday, when thermometers drop to 18 degrees.

By moving to orange alert “there is an important meteorological risk (unusual weather phenomena and with some degree of danger for the usual activities)”. The recommendation is to be prepared, take precautions and keep informed of the most updated weather forecast.

When the State Meteorological Agency activates the red alert “the meteorological risk is extreme (unusual meteorological phenomena, of exceptional intensity and with a very high level of risk for the population)”.  The usual activities may be severely altered and the institution recommends not to travel unless strictly necessary.Follow the topics that interest you

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