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OPEN TESTS FOR OBTAINING THE TITLE: TECHNICIAN IN PHARMACY AND PARAPHARMACY LEGISLATION Order of February 01, 2018, by which the tests for obtaining the title of Technician and Technician are convened.

OPEN TESTS 2018 COOKING AND GASTRONOMY MEDIUM GRADE CPIFP HURTADO DE MENDOZA IES ÁNGEL GANIVET LEGISLATION Order of February 01, 2018, by which the tests for the title of Technician and Technician are summoned.

FREE TESTS FOR OBTAINING THE DEGREE in: TECHNICIAN IN PHARMACY AND PARAPHARMACY IES La granja LEGISLATION Order of February 01, 2018, by which the tests for obtaining the title are convened.

FREE TESTS TECHNICIAN IN PHARMACY AND PARAPHARMACY Instructions The Act of presentation @has a very personal character. The persons who do NOT attend the presentation act will lose all their rights.

FREE TESTS TECHNICIAN IN HEALTH EMERGENCIES MINISTRY OF EDUCATION Order of January 20, 2017, by which the tests are summoned for the obtaining of the title of Technician and Superior Technician of cycles

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If you have any incident with the application, do not hesitate to call the school (976 560 875) from 09:00 to 14:00 hours or write an email to [email protected].

the Draft of the School Tasks Agreement Document is made available to all members of the Educational Community for a period of 10 days, for the contribution of proposals that, for justified reasons, have not been incorporated. The Coordination Commission will evaluate the proposals received.

Payment must be made as soon as possible. It is carried out at the following link by credit card. It is very simple. Please do not forget to INDICATE THE NAME OF THE STUDENT AND THE CURRENT COURSE, it is very important. The deadline starts on May 7th and ends on May 28th at 23:00 hours (by regulation, payments will not be accepted after this deadline):

Today, Friday, April 16, will be published, from 18:00 hours, the vacancies offered in our Center. We will inform you here, with a link to the Provincial Service page, of these vacancies.

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The classrooms have anti-theft and fire detectors, self-closing fire doors, security staircase that activates a smoke extraction system in case of fire and CO2 detectors. It also has a biology and geology laboratory, a technology workshop and a computer classroom.

The socialists, at the same time, have supported the mobilizations of parents who are demonstrating at the gates of IES Ben Al Jatib of La Cala del Moral that, despite living next to the center, have to move more than five kilometers.

They have also denounced the lack of planning of the Junta de Andalucía, “institutes such as Ben Al Jatib are an example of improvisation, poor planning and lack of resources for the needs of Andalusia and the province”.

Similarly, they have asked the Minister Javier Imbroda to explain how “after criticizing so much the previous socialist management, only comes to Rincon de la Victoria to inaugurate an educational center that is the result of that management,” has assessed.

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