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After making the leap at the end of 2019 to UCITs fund management, Beka AM currently enjoys the trust of more than 2,500 unitholders and its funds are available through its website and on the main fund platforms from a minimum investment of €100.

The range of liquid funds is completed with the Beka Optima Global FI, an equity fund that complements investment in shares with investment in ETFs and the Beka Lux Sicav, whose Premium Flexible Fund compartment is a mixed fund for more conservative profiles or with a shorter time horizon.

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There are thousands of mutual funds on the market, but you have probably chosen only a few to build your own investment portfolio. How can you be sure that you have made the right choice?

“We have chosen the categories that we believe are ideal for a flexible global portfolio or a balanced mixed portfolio, for example. In doing so, we draw on modern portfolio theory developed by Nobel Prize-winning economist Harry Markowitz.

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You can, of course, invest outside of the benchmarks we propose. Each category that we consider interesting can be part of the objective you have set yourself: investing in emerging countries, in real estate, in a sector, for retirement, etc.

Once you have chosen the category(ies) you are interested in, all you have to do is select the best fund(s) within each category. The following five criteria can help you.

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This week’s highlights (June 11-15) During this week the focus will be on the meetings of the FED and the ECB. In the case of the FED, we see no reason to delay the rate hike. Despite

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EUROPE ASIA/PACIFIC April 12, 2017 DAILY MORNING MEETING EQUITY MARKETS Japan Nikkei 225 18,552.61-1.04% -2.94% -0.60% -4.24% -0.78% 14.45% Hong Kong Hang Seng 24,261.95 0.72% 10.28%

EUROPE ASIA/PACIFIC May 17, 2017 MORNING MEETING DAILY MORNING MEETING EQUITY MARKETS Japan Nikkei 225 19,814.88-0.53% 3.66% 0.10% 8.07% 2.79% 19.68% Hong Kong Hang Seng 25,293.01-0.17% 14.97% 1.28%.

Week XXVIII: July 31 to August 06, 2016 Macroeconomic indicators Indicator 07/29/2016 08/05/2016 05/08/2016 Variation Dollar over the counter (pesos per Dll) 19.20 19.20 19.20 Oil (Dll per barrel) 35.96

Beka international select equities 2021

Fernando Cifuentes, CEO of the fund manager, explains that in this way they will be able to distribute their products more easily in the commercial networks of third party firms, especially in private banking, something that facilitates the Grand Ducal registration, and gain in volume of assets under management.

The two Luxembourg funds will have a minimum investment of 100 euros and a subscription period until September 15 in the case of Beka Premium Flexible and until November 15 in the case of Optima Global, so the net asset value will not move until then.

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Cifuentes does not rule out registering other funds in Luxembourg, although he acknowledges that at the moment these are just ideas. “For the moment we want to focus on these two funds and stabilize them,” he says.