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For months, the sword of Damocles of a trade war has been hanging over relations between the EU and the United Kingdom, which are still negotiating changes to the customs system imposed on Northern Ireland by the Brexit treaty, which Prime Minister Boris Johnson is threatening to break. But the threats appear to have already gone on vacation until 2022. “I don’t think anyone is going to trigger Article 16 before Christmas, absolutely not,” International Trade Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan said Monday. A standstill caused by the crisis that Johnson is experiencing these weeks and the pressures he is receiving from outside.

Cradle of the underground, London has been attracting people from all over the world for more than half a century with its wide cultural and professional offer and its cosmopolitan spirit. A high concentration of people who have ended up causing the expansion of the city towards the outskirts or to pull the imagination, in case you want to live in the center of the metropolis. A common situation in many of the world’s great capitals that, in the case of the British city, has given rise to a competition for the title of “slimmest” house in London.

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What is brexit

London has threatened to trigger Article 16 of the Protocol on Northern Ireland. We analyze what implications it could have for Brexit and for UK-EU relations.

The EU-UK negotiation is deadlocked. Concerns are growing that Boris Johnson’s government is ready to trigger Article 16, to suspend the agreement and plunge the EU and the UK into a trade war.

France will fine UK fishing vessels if it does not receive more licenses to fish in British waters. This is the protest of Emmanuel Macron’s government against the limitation of licenses to French fishing vessels.

Labor shortages are wreaking havoc in Britain’s energy, agriculture, medical, transport and food sectors. On the south coast of England, a field of unharvested broccoli. Several similar fields have already rotted.

This Sunday on his arrival at the Conservative Party’s annual congress in Manchester, protesters called him a “liar, a cheat and a charlatan”, in reference to the consequences of Brexit in the United Kingdom.

What is brexit: causes and consequences

During 2020, Johnson constantly threatened to unilaterally break the agreements on this troubled territory. And a few months ago he resurrected the possibility, citing the tension it had caused in the territory. And the EU has made it clear that, if it gets to that point, relations between London and Brussels would blow up completely.

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However, analysts believe that this threat is very significant in itself. “For a long time, these discussions could be ignored as mere political posturing and noise. But threatening to tear up the trade deal is an escalation of rhetoric and sterling should take a hit as a result,” they warn from Nomura. Following the publication of the threat on Bloomberg, the British currency has fallen 0.4% and is still hovering around 0.3% losses at this hour. The post-Brexit trade cold war is starting to heat up.

Because britain is leaving the european union

Ireland’s independence treaty turns a century old, although Brexit has given new impetus to the reunification debate. One of the main architects of the treaty was independence leader Michael Collins. ‘Weekly Report’ has toured some of the symbolic places of Irish independence and Collins’ life with his great-nephew. “He thought he was going to be able to achieve more, but unfortunately that led to civil war.”

The Irish government is investigating whether its citizens are bypassing travel restrictions to go to the Canary Islands under the guise of having a dental appointment that they then fail to attend. Travelers request the appointment by mail, which they then use as a safe-conduct to get through security at Dublin airport. These practices could be punishable by fines of up to €2,000 and even imprisonment.

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When Joe Biden takes the oath of office on January 20, he will become the second Catholic president after Kennedy. Like him, he is of Irish descent and is one of the American politicians who is most aware of his roots. A TVE team has been with one of his distant cousins in Ireland.