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“At Yuso Restaurants we believe in the artisanal way of making our rice dishes and traditional dishes of Valencian cuisine. We are committed to our customers and we believe that the best way to love the kitchen is to love the tradition of how it has been done from generation to generation.”

Thanks to its eagerness to offer the best dishes of the land and a long way in traditional cuisine, has achieved that their rice dishes are recognized within the old town of the city of Valencia.

If you want to enjoy a good rice or a seasonal tapa, you can visit us in the center of Valencia in Calle de la Cruz, 4 and Plaza del Carmen, 6 in Valencia. You can also call us at 96 315 39 67 (cruz) – 96 392 24 48 (plaza) to ask for a table.

valencian paella: the secrets behind spain’s most famous

Filled with your choice of ground beef, shredded chicken or cochinita pibil, with black beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, melted cheddar cheese and homemade cream, wrapped in a wheat flour tortilla…The best Burrito in town!

Guako Restaurant is a venture of a Venezuelan couple living in Valencia, with a history that speaks of music, passion and flavor! A place excellently managed by Manuel and Cecilia, where in every detail you can perceive their international experience in hospitality in different countries such as Venezuela, United States, Argentina, Mexico and Cuba.In 2017, in Valencia. they opened the doors of what would be their first restaurant, well known today by both the Spanish and Venezuelan public.Surely the name and logo will be familiar to you and it is not by chance. Manuel besides being a great Chef is a musician, he was a trumpet player in the Maracay Symphony Orchestra and also a big fan of the group Guaco, a Venezuelan orchestra that fuses salsa and gaita zuliana rhythms.Together they decided to change the C for the K, the trident for a fork and thus pay their own tribute to “La Super Banda de Venezuela”.Article by @genteconguaramo

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Sensations that await you in the center of Valencia, in Ciutat Vella, ranging from a touch of truffle, a hit of red curry or nuts that put the counterpoint to the tastiest Italian tradition.

In the new menu of the Italian restaurant in the center of Valencia La Pappardella we have recovered typical dishes from different regions of Italy to get to the essence of the taste of good Italian, so we use flours from artisan mills in Italy to make our stuffed pasta, the mozzarella is ‘Fior di latte’ from the Campania region and the tomato, of course, is San Marzano, from the best suppliers of the Valencian garden and with which we elaborate many of our sauces and antipasti.

The <<Antipasti>> is a type of typical starter of Italian gastronomy that consists of an appetizer before eating. The name is associated with the Italian word pasto, “food” and the Latin prefix ante, “previous”.

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Cities may be made of cement and asphalt, but our heart is made of living matter, the same that is found in the earth, in the oceans, in the rivers and in the fields. And life asks for life, it asks for natural energy: our body asks for it, and so does our mind. Because we can put food in our mouths, but we prefer to eat. Eating consciously. And this has to do with sensations, with well-being, nutrition, taste, textures, elaboration, balance.

It has a lounge, terrace and garden. It is right in front of the beach so it has very good views. It is very nice, spacious and cozy. And it has all the safety and hygiene measures. The staff is very friendly and attentive if the client needs anything. In addition, it offers a wide variety of food and km 0. As for the price, it is ideal because the products are of very good quality and the restaurant is located in a wonderful area.

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