Sabina disco 19 dias y 500 noches

Joaquin sabina

After seven months to record it and tough negotiations to release it (the record company had advised against a double album, in principle, because of its high price and the Hispanic market’s lack of interest in this type of product), Sabina agreed to reduce the format of his work. The agreement between Sabina and his label BMG Ariola established that the discarded songs would be released as B-sides of future singles (the first of them, titled like the LP); otherwise, a 13-minute rap that Sabina had recorded was reduced to 8:41 in the version that would be released.


The poet Benjamín Prado has written the version of the woman Sabina talked about in the song 19 days and 500 nights and which is interpreted by the singer Travis Birds. The response of the woman who inspired Sabina comes in time to explain to him and why he stopped loving him.

This song is part of a tribute album to Joaquín Sabina called Ni tan joven, ni tan viejo, in which 38 artists have covered the singer’s greatest hits. Serrat, Amaral, Manolo García, Zahara or Estopa are some of the participants in this tribute.

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And his lovers were right, with him there is a before but not an after.with me it was like this, he said you were his half orange and began to squeeze.and then he began to turn around like a lion inside a cage that roared looking at the moon, there is only one woman and that is my Maria.

He said hello and goodbyeand the door slammed like a question mark.Instead of suffering I got involved with a PP member of Real Madrid who sings hip hopplays paddle tennis, tennis and golf and is anti-bullfighting and has set up his own law firm.I give him a seven and he sees me and makes the pino.

Joaquin sabinaartist

It was the work with which the artist from Jaén closed the 20th century and came after a complicated period that was marked, among other things, by the tensions and disagreements he had with Fito Páez during the gestation of the album Enemigos íntimos (1998). In addition, Sabina was not going through a good personal moment caused by a love breakup and a life of excesses in which the artist openly acknowledges his excessive consumption of alcohol and cocaine.

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“When I recorded the album I was going through a moment of change in my life, I had a change of wife, change of habits, I abandoned those habits not recommended for youth and left the bars and the night and so I began to learn to grow old without dignity,” said the artist in La Sexta Noche.

Joaquín and Alejo divided the work into day and night sessions: Stivel worked mostly during the day and Sabina always worked at night with his close friend Antonio Oliver, who was present at all times during the recording, which lasted seven months (between December 1998 and June 1999). The result was Sabina’s longest, deepest and most autobiographical album to date: “19 días y 500 noches”.

19 days and 500 nights lyrics explanation

19 days and 500 nights later is the reverse of one of the songs that best portrayed how deep the wound of heartbreak can be. Here, Maria is no longer the one with the “very high forehead, very long tongue and very short skirt”, and it turns out that it was Sabina who was the one who got scared away. It was he who “went down to get tobacco”, who disappeared and returned three months later “making eseses”. And that’s why Maria stood him up.

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When she told him that they were going to offer “Joaquín’s most emblematic song” to the youngest singer in the cast, Prado proposed to turn the lyrics around to tell another story telling the same thing. “That’s when my fear began. Damn, it’s 19 days and 500 nights and how do you live up to it? I immediately tendered my resignation”. Nobody accepted it, so Benjamín Prado sat down to compose.