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It has been approved by the European Parliament. Some 400,000 Andalusians will benefit although some agricultural organizations warn that it is practically the same money as for the previous framework.

The Government spokesman has reproached the PSOE for “agreeing the PGE with the heirs of ETA” and rejecting the Andalusian Budget. A no to the accounts would be, he says, “a slap in the face of the economic and social interests of all Andalusians”.

17 infected in the Hospital de Jerez, among professionals, patients and relatives.  In La Linea the rate is triggered by the transmission of Gibraltar. In El Palmar de Troya the rate is close to 2,000 points. Almost half of its 2,300 inhabitants are not vaccinated.

The Government Subdelegation has assured that the operation is tight while the unions harshly criticize the police performance. Mas País has registered a battery of questions asking Minister Fernando Grande Marlaska for an account.

Under the rain, about 4000 people have attended the call that occurs at the time that the negotiation has begun to try to reach an agreement to call off the strike.    Andalucía Directo has been there.

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The death of two children and their mother in a house fire, the metal strike, the premiere of the new musical by Antonio Banderas or the impossibility of resting in peace because of a nightclub in Marbella are some of the topics covered in today’s program.

The complaint for fraud in some aesthetics courses in Estepona, Malaga, the problems of living next to a discotheque in Marbella, the conviction of a mother for assaulting her son’s teacher or a shooting in the streets of Martos are some of the issues addressed by the program.

Thefts in the beach bars of Adra, subway parking for bikes and scooters, the jackpot of the eleven that has left 11 million euros in Otura or the cultivation of the black truffle in Jaén are some of the topics covered by the program.

The start of the artichoke season, the theft of the tabernacle in a parish of Campanillas, a socio-educational program to reintegrate young people with problems or the marzipan of Montoro are some of the issues addressed by the program.

5:03how the program “andalucía directo” of canal sur is made …memorandayoutube – 8 jan 2013

The thematic branch of Andalucía directo, is mainly based on current affairs, with a format of reports and live connections in different parts of the Andalusian geography. From the same, topics ranging from social or human interest, through the chronicle of events and curiosities, to the weather, gastronomic, folkloric and cultural.

The creator of the program is the veteran journalist José Antonio Gurriarán, also creator of the extinct channel Canal 2 Andalucía, directed by Kike Álvarez, coordinated by Angustias Rodríguez and edited by Rafael Cremades and Mariló Montero. The program’s duration is from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

Modesto Barragán replaces María Teresa Sánchez as director and Blanca Rodríguez, presenter of the program since March 2001. Fernando Díaz de la Guardia, Paz Santana and Juan María Jiménez are part of this team. Fernando Díaz de la Guardia and Paz Santana are in charge of substitutes.

On January 25, 2018, the book ADisfrutarlo was published and ONCE issued the first coupon dedicated to a television program and a bio-healthy park was inaugurated on behalf of Andalucía directo in the Almeria town of Laujar de Andarax.

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The chef Luismi López is very angry with his pupil, José Manuel Belmonte, for calling him “Maricarmen” in several moments of the contest, “it has annoyed me a lot, those are not ways to treat a chef” he explained.

The chef of the Choco restaurant in Córdoba, who holds a Michelin star thanks to his refined technique and his commitment to food based on the Andalusian essence, impeccable, precise and tasty, proposed a very Andalusian recipe for the final duel.

Two new inexperienced chefs face a new challenge. This week the tension reaches the program when guest chef Kisko García comes to help José Manuel, Luismi López’s pupil.