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English primary exam topics

We periodically review and renew our study material to ensure the best preparation for each of the tests. In addition, we work on it as a whole to deliver it to you before the beginning of the course so that you can better organize your study, without having to wait to receive it month after month.

Own topics, elaborated by teams of professionals in each discipline and specialty. It includes the development of the topics of the official program elaborated with a didactic and current perspective that favors the study.

Model of a complete didactic program for a course and subject: a specific program for each autonomous community, with the characteristics, elements and terminology of the autonomous curriculum.

Guide to elaborate a didactic programming where it is explained, step by step, how to elaborate the document of the programming so that you can work it and personalize it with the necessary knowledge.

Cen secondary oppositions

In La pizarra we give you the option of accessing to the sale of thematic for oppositions of teaching, with which you will be prepared at all times and the distance will not be a problem to achieve your goal and get a place with our.

Preparation options Prices and rates Choose La pizarra, we offer you the option of preparing your exams at a distance for the specialties of Early Childhood Education or Primary Education and for the Autonomous Communities of Andalusia, Castilla y León and Murcia.

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Paper material, digitalized material, access to the platform to visualize the materials and lectures, plus resolution of specific doubts, plus two tutorials and correction of the didactic program.

If you have come this far, it may be because you have not found the information you were looking for, if you have any questions you can ask our virtual assistant Alex. She has all the answers and it will take you less than 3 minutes ⏳. In addition, she will send you the information by mail

(We will start with an “introductory joker” that will serve as a starting point for all the topics. In this case we have taken as reference some of the quotes that can be found in the LOE and LOMCE).

Secondary school teacher examinations

In “CEN”, we strive to offer quality training and close to all our students to achieve their goals, both academically and professionally. We address to different age levels and cover many areas of training: languages, infant, primary, secondary, high school, university and preparations for competitive examinations and entrance exams.

If you come to our center you will be attended by specialized personnel who will be able to prepare a study and work plan adapted to your needs. In addition, we offer the possibility of renting classrooms for your presentations, seminars or courses, with capacity for 25 people and fully equipped.

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I’ve been attending the academy English classes and I’m really pleased with the outcome! In a surprisingly short period of time I’ve noticed an improvement of my English level, something that has been possible thanks to the hard work my teacher Rebeca and I have done together. I think she’s an excellent professional, not only because she considers your own way of learning from the beginning, but also because she provides you with a lot of useful information that polishes up your language level and in addition, makes you be prepared for the official examinations. I would strongly recommend you joining the courses. You learn while you have fun.

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En el segundo aniversario de Vernon. Su recuerdo y sus historias están y estarán siempre con nosotros. Esta es una de las primeras que escuché de él, y la reproduzco tal y como la escribió, con algunas ediciones que pretenden mejorar la fluidez y el ritmo que siempre imprimía a sus relatos orales. Miembros de

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