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Falete – clown

Exystence: This is where the good stuff starts. The best, most complete and most updated blogs are all in English, so it is worth making an effort if you are looking for more select content. This one in particular is a bit similar to the first one I put in English. They put a pretty complete review, lots of mirrors and even a link to the FLAC version. A marvel.

Coda: At the time of publication of this entry it seems to be down, but it usually comes back after a while. It’s sorted by artists and albums, so it’s easy to download the whole discography with a couple of clicks. The downside? The bitrates vary a lot from one album to another, the search engine works terribly and the cover is always the same although the web and links are updated.

ThePirateBay: When all else fails they are always there. They have everything important, FLAC discs, new releases… but you will have to use the search engine and learn to use the filters. Anyway, it’s not much of a mystery.

Rocío jurado – what i wouldn’t give.

I prefer to be like this. This is the title of Falete’s sixth album, a collection of coplas, ballads and songs in which he goes from Nino Bravo to Raphael, from Rocío Jurado to Maite Martín or Bambino. Next Wednesday, Falete will open the Grandes conciertos cycle of the Festival Flamenco On Fire with a performance at the Teatro Gaztambide in Tudela. This concert will include some of his greatest hits, such as Procuro olvidarte or S.O.S. by Maite Martín. “It will be a medley of all the hits with which I have been growing as an artist,” he says.

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Fortunately, and thank God, ‘there are’ people who are flamenco but we dare with other musical styles and still sound flamenco. As they say in the slang, we give them the ‘pellizquito’. Otherwise, flamenco would become obsolete.

I always make the same comparison: for me a song is like a meal: if it looks good, I try it. And if it digests well, I’ll tell you how good it was. Before recording the album, I did a tasting (he laughs). The selection is always a bit complicated, because there are some songs with which you have doubts, but I can always play it safe: songs I have always heard, songs I have grown up with? For example, I wanted to give a twist to the Romance de Curro ‘El Palmo’ by Serrat and I recorded it as a soleá por bulerías. Then you see that it fits perfectly. And why? Because I had already heard that song in my house, which has been and still is very flamenco. In my house, when a flowerpot is bought, it is sung and danced to as if the Virgin herself were riding a paso (laughs).

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Alejandro fernández – procuro olvidarte (audio oficial)

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Falete s o s

If that modest but great songwriter Tomás de Antequera was as skinny as a greyhound, Falete is the opposite of skinny: he is brimming with freshness, health, and it could be said that he boasts a serrano body like a happy model for the Colombian Botero. Sweet when he wants to be. With the precise Sevillian salero, without falling into the caricature of grace; and with a pinch of mala leche, which comes in handy in those bolero lyrics with a flamenco touch in which the story oozes spite, disdain or amatory defiance. He masters the gestural paraphernalia of melodramatic artists. He takes care of the staging. And he chooses his costumes with care. It was not necessary for her to proclaim at the time her more than notorious sexual condition. But she doesn’t go as a crazy sissy in the street either. Her voice comes out in gushes, like a torrent, and she applies it with mastery to accentuate those passages that require the exact interpretative nuance. As Marifé de Triana always did. As did Rocío Jurado, who are mirrors in which she once looked at herself, so as not to fall into mimicry.