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¡Roses Periago visitará Pueblo Libre, Sachachorros (una zona rural en la parte baja de Belén), verá el desfile y asistirá a la clausura del Festival de Belén 2009, acompañada por Patch Adams del Instituto Gesundheit! Bolaroja, y un grupo de payasos humanitarios.

La doctora Roses Periago visitará la localidad de “Pueblo Libre” Sachachorros (zona baja de Belén) y asistirá al Pasacalle y clausura del “Festival de Belén 2009” junto a Patch Adams de Gesundheit Institute; Bolaroja y un grupo de payasos humanitarios de diferentes partes del mundo.

Patch adams movie

Patch Adams is a 1998 film directed by Tom Shadyac and starring Robin Williams and Monica Potter. It is based on the life of Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams and his book Gesundheit: Good Health is a Laughing Matter.

Hunter enters a psychiatric hospital of his own volition due to his suicidal tendencies. There, he meets Rudy and Arthur Meldeson, from whom he learns more than from the attending physician; “Patch” discovers that his only desire is to help people who might need it, as was the case with Rudy, whom he was able to help while he was hallucinating.

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Film patch adams summary

Castillo García, Laura; Castillo Arévalo, Ángela; Calderer Dengra, María; Álvarez Luis, María. Patch Adams: health is a matter of laughter. Gomeres: health, history, culture and thought [blog]. 11/12/2017.  Available at

– In the psychiatric ward. The doctor-patient relationship is distant, doctors see patients as mere objects of study and treatment. Patch Adams sees that this method does not really work and he being a patient decides to treat the other patients in a much more humane way without giving so much importance to the disease they suffer from.

Therefore, this project offers solutions to health problems being totally free and based on fun and friendship, using Clowning as a link between people, this being a principle for healing2.

“Being happy is a decision. It is saying to yourself I am going to love life. I don’t hope, could or should. It is an intention. And when one is committed to that intention, when one loves life every second, everything works.”

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Patch adams cast

Patch, in a “deep depression”, decides to voluntarily enter a psychiatric hospital. There he realizes that patients are not listened to. Something as simple as listening can help fix many problems. It was then that he decided to become a doctor and help people suffering from his illness: to study medicine in order to become a doctor who LISTENS.

The direct contact with people made it easier to listen to the sick. Patch represents the most human side of the medical profession: he believes that through LAUGHTER, people forget for a moment about their illness and pain. For him, the patient is more important than the disease.

LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, SOLIDARITY, HONESTY, RESPECT, CARE… are values that we can observe in a film that sends us a loud and clear message: A SICK PERSON CANNOT ALWAYS BE SAD.

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“Taking into account the patient’s wishes or preferences, the quality of life that awaits him/her and the family, economic, social and hospital context in which he/she finds him/herself, undoubtedly complicates the question a lot, but that question is the one that does justice to the complexity of life and problems. It is in this complexity that ethics resides. To see a problem as an ethical problem is to see it in all its complexity.”