Luis medina fernandez de cordoba

rafael medina, duke of feria: last media years (1993.

“The Council of State, in compliance with an Order of V. E. dated November 14, 2017, with entry registration on the following 17th, has examined the file of succession to the title of Duke of Denia.

In section II of the deed he states that “in order to honor equally, in accordance with tradition and historical rules of succession, all his children, of all the titles previously referred to, he has distributed the following:

– The distribution produces the effect of having been made in fraud of law, in that, limiting himself finally to respecting the strict reservation in favor of the firstborn of the title of Duke of Medinaceli, as principal of the House, what he does in reality is to violate the true meaning of the Deeding Laws of 1820 and 1855 and of the Royal Decree of May 27, 1912, to supplant the royal will that granted all those grants and to alter the order of succession provided in the concessionary letters without having for this purpose the preceptive authorization of the Crown.

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the trial of the duke of feria and criticism of nati abascal.

Fernández de Córdoba y Ponce de León, Luis Tomás de Villanueva. Duke of Medinaceli (XV). Gaucín (Málaga), 18.IX.1813 – Paris (France), 6.I.1873. Senator for life of the kingdom, gentleman of chamber of Queen Isabel II.

Fourth son and first son of the marriage formed by María de la Concepción Ponce de León y Carvajal (Jaén, June 19, 1783 – Madrid, August 27, 1856), daughter of María Luisa de Carvajal y Gonzaga and Antonio Ponce de León y Dávila Carrillo de Albornoz, IV Duke of Montemar; and Luis Joaquín Fernández de Córdoba Figueroa y Benavides, XIV Duke of Medinaceli (Real Sitio de San Ildefonso, Segovia, August 12, 1780 – Madrid, July 7, 1840), son of Joaquina María de Benavides y Pacheco, III Duchess of Santisteban del Puerto (Madrid, May 25, 1746 – January 29, 1805) and Luis María Fernández de Córdoba y Gonzaga, XIII Duke of Medinaceli (Madrid, May 17, 1749 – November 12, 1806).

Knight of the Real Maestranza of Seville, Isabel II named him gentleman of chamber of the Queen, as well as knight of the Insigne Orden del Toisón de Oro by Decree of December 3, 1864. With the Revolution of 1868 he followed the Royal Family into exile and died in Paris on Epiphany 1873.

luis and rafa medina, farewell to their uncle

Although for him to have a distinction like this was not something capital in life, it is true that it was a thorn in his side. When his grandmother, María Victoria Eugenia Fernández de Córdoba, Duchess of Medinaceli, passed away in 2013, he took it for granted that he would receive one of the more than 30 noble titles she left as a legacy. But time went by and that moment never came. He himself explained it in an interview in ¡HOLA! in 2018: “During my grandmother’s lifetime, my uncle, the Duke of Segorbe, told me about the illusion that the grandmother had that all her grandchildren would carry a title and that they had thought for me the Count of San Martín de Hoyos. That distribution was signed. But time passed, my grandmother passed away and I found out that my uncle never moved that document”.

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