Jorge javier vazquez y paco

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January 2018 was a decisive month in the life of Jorge Javier Vázquez. A tireless professional, at that time he was presenting most afternoons of Sálvame, almost the entire prime time of Telecinco and, in the meantime, he was putting up his second musical theater play, Grandes éxitos, where he not only acted, but also sang and danced.

And although the reasons for their definitive sentimental separation seem to have remained forever between them, there was a moment when Paco left everything to return, without rancor, to Jorge’s side. In March 2019, the also writer was urgently admitted for surgery for a stroke he had suffered: his ex-partner proved to be a fundamental support.

sálvame diario

After settling into their seats, they ordered beer and two dishes to share, a starter and a house classic: spaghetti alla bosconara, cooked with boletus, truffle slices, egg yolk, pepper and pecorino cheese. The presenter wore glasses to look, from time to time, at his cell phone.

It is said that during lunch their complicity was more than evident. In fact, some people present say that Jorge Javier gave a gift to his ex in a black bag. After 3 p.m., the two exes left the place with maximum discretion. Hours later, Vázquez was at the controls of Sálvame Deluxe.

sálvame deluxe

Overcome the bump together, the ex-couple has not hidden and have been seen enjoying outings to Italian restaurants in the capital or walking the presenter’s dogs. Such was their close bond after Jorge’s illness that there was talk of a possible second chance between them, but Vázquez himself confirmed that there was no longer romantic love between them but a brotherly friendship that will last a lifetime.

Despite the obstacles he has encountered in his life, Vázquez recognizes that in that building in the San Roque neighborhood where he grew up he was happy. He belonged to a happy and very ordinary family. Every now and then, Jorge Javier remembers his parents on Instagram and confesses that throughout his life he has become more familiar and more mushy.

survivor spain

Jorge Javier Vázquez has left the Mediaset sets for a day to sneak into the microphones of RNE as a guest of ‘Wisteria Lane’, the LGTBI+ program of Radio 5 presented by Paco Tomás. With him he has talked about his first gay experiences in college. “Whenever I went out to flirt and to get laid, sex became more like a way of recognition than sexual pleasure,” confessed the presenter. “For me flirting was like there are people like me,” he recounted, telling that he was in a hurry to meet a guy and that’s why he always did it at night.

“My share of suffering has actually been very bearable if I compare it to that of others. For me being gay has been a fortune. That led me to build a very rich world because I escaped, culture helped me a lot,” he tells Paco Tomás in the interview. “When culture can give you that satisfaction, you feel lucky,” he says, saying how much he enjoyed going to the theater or to the movies alone.

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