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citizens’ social security

If you need to go to an Attention and Information Center of the National Social Security Institute (CAISS) to process any of the pensions or benefits of the System (retirement, disability, widowhood, Minimum Vital Income or birth and care of a child, among others) it is essential to go by appointment.

As we have said, this service is available both on the web and at the Social Security Electronic Headquarters by clicking on this link, where you can choose between appointments for pensions and other INSS benefits or procedures with the Social Marine Institute. In addition, you can consult or cancel the appointment and access the online platform for procedures without an electronic certificate, enabled by the INSS.

Next, you must choose whether you want the first available appointment in an office in the zip code you select, the first available appointment in your province or if you prefer to choose the center, day and time of the appointment yourself. As a verification system, we will have to answer a simple security question. electronic headquarters

Due to the simplification of administrative procedures, you can submit your application at the Social Security Electronic Headquarters on the following route: [ ]

If you do not have electronic certification you can submit your application provisionally through the service: “Submission of other documents, applications and communications (National Institute of Social Security)”, “direct access to procedures without certificate” accessible from the Social Security website ( ) on the route: [ ]

Maternity-Paternity.  The application form can be found at the following link on the Social Security website: [ ].

If you belong to the Special System of the General Regime for Household Employees you must provide the specific company certificate that you will find in the following link: [ ]

social security appointment with digital certificate

Once inside, the citizen will find the different channels that currently exist to carry out the procedure, differentiating whether it is a consultation or a procedure. If, after completing the whole process, you have not been able to complete the desired procedure, there are two options:

You can carry out any of these procedures through the Electronic Headquarters, or with the help of ISSA, if you have an electronic certificate or cl@ve, so it reminds the citizen of the different ways to obtain these identification methods and even offer the possibility of obtaining an appointment for processing if desired. More information on this subject can be found at this link.

In addition, the Social Security already has a total of 47 services that can be performed with identification through an SMS sent to your cell phone, or request them telematically and receive them comfortably at home, such as work life reports or the application for the European Health Insurance Card.

For procedures related to affiliation, contributions and payment of debts, the TGSS has enabled this form to be filled in. The TGSS staff will analyze your request and contact you to help you resolve it.

social security appointment locator

Social Security Appointment: How to make an appointment at the INSS 2021 Do you need to make an appointment at the Social Security and you still don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. Here we will explain all the steps to make an appointment at the Social Security in an easy, fast and uncomplicated way, and we will solve all the questions and inconveniences that may arise during the process of managing the various procedures that you can do at the Social Security. Keep reading to solve all your doubts with this Institution.

Make your Social Security appointment by phone! No matter what day or time you call, you can make an appointment for Social Security at any time. In this way, this step is greatly facilitated without having to go to any institution or agency.  Its system is very comfortable and easy to use, because you will be guided step by step as you go through all the options. Something important to highlight is that this is a 901 line. Therefore, the longer you are on the line, the higher the cost for its use.☎ Social Security telephone number for previous appointments901 106 570✔ Hours and days to call the National Institute of Social SecurityTo make your appointment with the Social Security, you can do so at the time that suits you best. This is because their service is open Monday through Friday, 24 hours a day.

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