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Soledad Gallego-Díaz, José Yoldi, Alicia Rivera, Gorka Lejarcegui, Juan José Millás, Javier Marías, Rosa Montero, Elvira Lindo, Mario Vargas Llosa, Manuel Vicent, Manuel Rivas, Josep Ramoneda, Ramón LoboISSN

In 2010 the U.S. conglomerate Liberty Acquisition Holdings (which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange), took over PRISA and therefore El País.[18] Also in this period, Bank of America and Deutsche Bank became shareholders of PRISA. This fact contributed to a change in the political alignment of El País.

On May 12, 2018, El País announced the creation of the gender correspondent’s office, whose head will be Pilar Álvarez. The objective will be to “plan and improve coverage… on issues related to equality and women.”[38] The new office will also be in charge of the gender correspondent’s office.

At its foundation, it was defined as an independent newspaper, of quality, with a European vocation and defender of pluralist democracy, being considered a reference for both the left and the center-left. El País has shown an editorial line close to the PSOE, with social-democratic tendencies.[50] Since its acquisition by the PRISA Group, it has undergone ideological changes, shifting from socialist positions to an editorial line closer to the center or center-right.[citation needed].

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News from spain today: last minute

Both the Secretary of Mobility and Security of Cali, made a call to the citizens to denounce these acts of vandalism that attempt against the traffic light network of the city, which is in recovery.

The three men, who would be part of a criminal group dedicated to committing robberies, would be responsible for having shot the actor in the face with a traumatic weapon in the middle of the robbery registered in July 2020 in downtown Cali.

The confinement affects “about 3,000 people”, said the technical director of Pevolca, at a press conference, 64 days after the eruption of Cumbre Vieja on this island of the Canary archipelago.

Automarcali, through its brand Autofertas, offers its customers the service of buying used vehicles, guaranteeing a safe sale and advice from purchase specialists.

Ingenio Pichichí S.A. considers Corporate Social Responsibility as one of the pillars of its structure. Its priority is the economic and social development of its employees and communities. Programs that promote the health, education and welfare of its stakeholders.

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Author of about twenty books, among them ‘General History of Drugs’ and the trilogy of ‘The Enemies of Trade’, he was an unclassifiable sage, a fierce defender of freedom and curiosity.

Prime Minister Mateusz Moraviecki thus considers speaking about the migration crisis with Belarus during his visit to the Baltic countries. Moraviecki will also try to ease tensions with the EU over the judicial reform that Brussels considers contrary to EU values.

Chile | Presidential candidates have turned out one after the other to vote in an election as important as it is polarized. Among them, the leftist Gabriel Boric and his far-right rival José Antonio Kast, who start as favorites.

Deadly attack in Jerusalem’s Old City | A Palestinian gunman shot and killed an Israeli on Sunday, wounding five others, two of them police officers. The assailant was later shot dead

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The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, affirmed on Monday that Sunday’s regional elections in Venezuela, in which the Chavism of President Nicolás Maduro won by an overwhelming majority, “do not reflect the will of the Venezuelan people”.

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) will use “all” its “tools” to prevent high inflation from becoming structural, said Jerome Powell on Monday, after being nominated for a new term at the head of the central bank by US President Joe Biden.

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The ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) won this Sunday’s local elections in 205 of the 322 mayoralties of the country that already have confirmed results with 99.2 % of the transmitted minutes, informed this Monday the National Electoral Council (CNE).

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of El Salvador raided this Monday the offices of at least seven non-governmental organizations in an alleged corruption investigation, which human rights defenders labeled as “political persecution”.