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The commercialization of tickets for the participation in the lottery games is carried out through a commercial network of administrations and authorized establishments, as well as through the operator’s web page.

Euromillions is a draw carried out jointly by nine gaming operators from different European countries. Due to the fact that the draw is carried out at an international level, it is the game with the lowest chances of awarding a prize, but it is also the one that provides the highest prizes to its winners.

Quíntuple Plus is a traditional horse betting game. It consists of predicting the winning horse of five specific races. In addition to the winner of the five races, it is also necessary to predict which horse will come second in the fifth race.

Initially confined to Cadiz and San Fernando, it later spread to Ceuta and all Andalusia, as the Napoleonic armies retreated. On February 28, 1814 the first draw was held in Madrid, since then the headquarters of the National Lottery tickets. The tickets were divided into quarters – instead of tenths -, each of which had a value of ten reales.

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In addition, we offer the service to know the winning results as soon as the National Lottery draws conclude and, if you have won something, how much it has been and if it is available to collect physically or online (or by other methods depending on the millions you win).

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Resolution whereby the termination of the singular license for the development and operation of the “Counterparty Sports Betting” type of game granted to the entity “Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, S.A.” is taken into account.

Resolution of the General Directorate of Gaming Regulation provisionally granting a Singular License for the development and operation of the “Counterpart Sports Betting” type of game to the entity Sociedad Estatal Loterias y Apuestas del Estado, S.A.

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