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Diriany has already been on television on previous occasions, she did it on Mujeres y hombres y viceversa, as David Soto’s suitor, along with the also suitor Simona. The relationship between the tronista and Diriany seemed to work, until she met someone outside the program and decided to drop everything and bet on her guy. It is not known what happened but her participation in La isla de las tentaciones shows that it did not go well.

Diriany Isabel, as she is really called, was a waitress before deciding to enter the program and go to the Caribbean. Her Instagram profile, which accumulates more than 135,000 followers, is full of selfie pictures and nights out. Everything seems to indicate that she will join Mediaset’s new list of celebrities with the broadcast of La isla de las tentaciones 4.

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However, after Rocío Carrasco’s heartbreaking account and Mediaset’s drastic decision, in the new version of the promo the network has decided to focus the image more so as not to show Flores, who was love’s advisor from 2013 to 2016.

Be that as it may, despite the fact that the producer and the network already knew about Rocío’s heartbreaking testimony, they not only decided to keep Antonio David on the payroll until this Monday, but also used him as bait to heat up the premiere of the documentary on Sunday.

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Jorge Javier Vázquez has premiered the first gay throne that takes place in the program Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa, so he has become a VIP tronista, which has already been able to meet some of his suitors.

One of them is David, a lover of sports and, above all, the gym. His profession is linked to the need to maintain a good physical condition, as he is a firefighter, so this could be one of the guys who conquer the heart of the presenter of Sálvame, who has indicated that he likes handsome guys and that he is going to take the experience very seriously: “If I go, I’m not going to hang out, huh? If I go, I’m going for real. I don’t like theatrics,” he said.

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El programa está basado en el dating show italiano Uomini & Donne, y está enfocado a personas solteras. Los “tronistas” (de la palabra española/italiana “trono”, porque el protagonista está sentado en un trono imaginario) son 4, normalmente 2 hombres y 2 mujeres. Son los protagonistas, cuyo objetivo es encontrar su alma gemela entre algunos admiradores. Cada día el “tronista” puede conocer a nuevas personas, y tras una breve presentación de las mismas, puede decidir si sigue saliendo con ellas o no.

Además, el tronista decidirá con qué candidatos quiere salir fuera del estudio de televisión; durante la cita tiene la posibilidad de conocer mejor a los candidatos. Sin embargo, hay una regla fundamental que tanto los tronistas como los candidatos deben respetar: sólo pueden verse delante de las cámaras, nunca en privado. Si no se respeta esta regla, pueden ser expulsados del programa.

Cuando el tronista elige a su alma gemela, sólo hay unos cuantos candidatos esperando su decisión. También puede dejar el programa solo, si no elige a nadie. En consecuencia, otro hombre/mujer le sustituye en el trono[9].

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