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Pesado – Activo durante gran parte del día, caminando sin parar y cargando objetos. Trabajos típicos: enfermera de hospital o de sala, camarero en un restaurante concurrido, limpiador, portero, obrero de la construcción, jardinero, trabajador agrícola.

Inactivo – Hace muy poco ejercicio, saliendo a caminar de vez en cuando (a ritmo moderado, con poca intensidad). Pasan la mayor parte del tiempo libre realizando actividades como ver la televisión, jugar con el ordenador, navegar por Internet, leer, cocinar, conducir, realizar tareas domésticas en general.

Moderadamente activo – Hace ejercicio de intensidad ligera a moderada 3-4 veces a la semana. Por ejemplo, ir al gimnasio / nadar / montar en bicicleta / clases de baile / jugar al golf. Paseo diario del perro (a paso ligero, dos veces al día).

Muy activo – Hace ejercicio casi todos los días de la semana realizando entrenamientos de alta intensidad como correr, hacer spinning, deportes de equipo o de competición. O realiza regularmente actividades como jardinería pesada, trabajos pesados de bricolaje.

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Another essential in our diet: oat flakes are a food rich in fiber, and therefore, satiating. You can use them to prepare a porridge, muffins, a sponge cake, homemade granola… Check out these 15 breakfasts with oatmeal for inspiration.

There are many ways to eat tofu and ‘pate’ can be one of them. A tub with cream to spread on toast. Want more ideas? Take note of these healthy toast recipes with different ingredients.

Mercadona’s vegan sausages are made from water, sunflower oil, starch, stabilizers, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, salt, spices, dextrose and flavorings. A vegan product, but also processed, so it is better to take it in moderation.

If you are one of those who can’t resist a recipe from Asian cuisine, these 100% vegan seaweeds will delight your poké bowl, your sushi or any rice dish you can imagine >Take note: 5 poké bowl recipes

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If you want to buy Oatmeal Flavors, we prepared this list sorted by the most purchased products in the category Oatmeal Flavors, so you can read the comments left by other buyers before buying the product in Mercadona, to find prices, reviews and opinions of Oatmeal Flavors check out our list.

Oatmeal is one of the cereals that provide more protein, minerals and vitamins to the body, in addition to this is natural fiber (listed edible fiber-rich), which represents a great option to ensure the proper functioning of our digestible system and health generally.

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These flakes are very nutritious whole grains, so they do not taste like other oats on the market, since their formula is developed to provide a healthy nutritional value.

The primary difference between instant oatmeal and whole oats is in the fiber. The fiber in whole oats is complete in that it is not previously ground like instant oatmeal. This leaves whole oats with a lower glycemic index compared to instant oatmeal.